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Authors for Authors ~

Authors for Authors
encourage and support writers as they market and sell their work. They celebrate the joy of reading with "Kids Who Read Succeed." They provide services for authors including book fairs, writer conferences and mini book critiques. More information and a registration form is located at or email

Book Fairs and Writer Conference:  Provide venues for authors to showcase their work, make presentations, and engage in networking with others in the publishing field. 
`  Events are sponsored in March and November each year in warm and sunny Florida
The Brevard Authors' Book Fair & Conference is in March (Includes workshops, vendors, and discussion groups)
`  Meet the Authors Book Fair is in November (In conjunction with the Art Works Festival)
`  Display Book option available for authors who cannot attend the book fair 

Editing/Critique /Feedback Services:  B
efore you get too far down the writing road, have your manuscript reviewed and critiqued. 
` Save time and money
` Stop making the same mistakes over and over
` Save yourself from hours of frustrating rewrites
` Get specific feedback on your work to improve and find satisfaction in your writing
` Mini critiques are available for fiction, nonfiction, poems, and children's books
` Find submission requirements at or email

Kids Who Read Succeed!
`  Books are provided for children at no cost to encourage reading for pleasure and understanding 
`  Books are donated by authors, individuals, libraries, and book stores
`  Teachers and schools are given books to create their own classroom library to use with their students

Articles to Improve Your Writing ~

For your FREE copy of any of these writer tips email: and indicate the name of the article you would like.

`  Business Cards with Benefits
` Developing Dialogue
` Facts of Fiction

` Internet Marketing Simplified

` Mighty Monosyllable
` Monitor Your Marketing
` Ol' Whatshisname
` Pesky Pronouns
` Repetitive Redundancies
` Rules of the Road
` Sentence No Nos
` Sentences: It's All in the Presentation
` Syntactical Arrangement
` Wasted Words

` Wise Word Usage

Benefits of Networking at Book Fairs and Workshops ~

` A resource of people
` Exposure to different ideas
` Exchange of information
` Developing contacts and connections